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Music therapy is when a music therapist designs music activities specifically for an individual or a group, so that when they participate, they practice skills that support and forward their development.  

For a more detailed definition of music therapy, you can also visit the Canadian Association of Music Therapists,

At Music4Life we believe that learning and playing music is possible for everyone. We utilize standard and modified learning techniques such as imitation, specialized notation designed with colours or shapes, and activities like"movement breaks," to accommodate different learning styles. 

We also offer seminars, workshops
and consultation services to support you in learning how to use music more effectively in your environment.

Sharing music is a great way to make friends and spend time with others. Music4Life offers a variety of groups in several locations, including:

  • Drum4Life (all ages)

  • Sing Along Social (for families)

  • Everybody's Got Talent

  • Stories and Songs (Age 2-5 yrs)

  • Karaoke Camp 

  • Music 4 Movement (ASD specific)

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