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Music therapy and  music education programs are offered on an individual basis depending on the needs of the client. Individual sessions are great for children and adults who are experiencing issues with their learning and development and who may be uncomfortable or anxious in a group. Sometimes a little bit of individual attention goes a long way. Each person is different, so not the same thing works for everyone. Creating music one to one allows us to respond, target, and practice specific skills in the moment so that individuals leave their sessions with life skills that they can transfer to other settings and activities. 

Individual music therapy and music education programs are frequently accessed to support children with developmental challenges and high to urgent needs, including but not limited to the medically fragile, physically and sensory impaired, communication disorders, behaviourally challenged, on the autism spectrum, and/or anxiety issues. Tailoring sessions to the individual's interests is our specialty. That way, everyone has fun while accomplishing their goals.

"Music brings out Mikey's real self."

              Mikey's Mom, Theresa

 Group sessions are therapeutic, recreational, and/or socially based. Some of our groups include: Sing-Along Social, Everybody's Got Talent, Songs and Stories, and Karaoke Camp. By participating in a music group session, clients have the opportunity to have fun, make friends, and discover their own abilities. Prior to beginning group sessions, we determine along with you, which group is most suitable for your child. Call us for more details about our group schedule. 

Drum4Life is a program that highlights how naturally rhythm and drumming brings people together. Anyone can drum, regardless of musical skill or background. Our programs are designed specifically to bring the joy of music making to your environment or event. Some groups use Drum4Life programs to facilitate team building and socialization, or to provide breakthroughs in listening, self-expression, and confidence. We provide the drums and teach you safe technique to make drumming fun and safe for everyone. 

*School Groups                            *Special Education Programs                  *Seminars                                      *Workshops                                

*Camps                                          *Conferences

*Parties                                          *Festivals                                                        Because people’s needs and interests can vary day to day, the Drum4Life program is adapted to your specifications. Sometimes we add other types of music experiences in combination with drumming to keep participants engaged and focused on each other. Singing, listening, moving to music and improvising make this program powerful and accessible to everyone, including non-verbal participants, people who may have concentration issues, physical challenges, and/or social anxiety. Contact us for a quote or to create a program that's just right for you!


Not sure what you are looking for?  Call us! 647-607-2511

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